Bolshoi Raises Barre for City Kids

METRO NEWS: New York City kids are saying ‘Da’ to ballet classes. A summer master class, taught through the Moscow based Bolshoi Ballet Academy, hopes to turn New Yorkers into dancing diplomats during a five-week course. Alden James, president of the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, sees this program as a United Nations type endeavor. read more

Russian Heritage Fest

STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE: Sure you’ve heard of cabbage soup, Russian Ballet and Matryoshka Dolls – those colorful wooden figures that can be pulled apart to reveal smaller dolls inside. But that’s just the surface stuff. The 5th Annual Russian Heritage Festival delivers a fuller understanding of how diverse the regions and cultures of the former Soviet Union really are. read more

MetroCard Dress is the latest turnstile style

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Model shows off Russian journalist Nina Vishneva’s dress made of metro cards outside MetroDress exhibit…read more