Dancer Experiences Russia This past summer, Caroline auditioned for and was once again chosen as one of approximately 100 dancers from around the world to attend the Bolshoi Ballet’s summer intensive program in New York City. In addition, 15 dancers from around the United States were then chosen to go to Moscow to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy on full scholarship for an additional six weeks of study. read more

BBASI and NSLI-Y Alumna featured in CNN Photos 2014: The Year in Pictures

CNN Photos: Precious Adams is an alumna of  RAF’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Program (2010 and 2011) and the  NSLI-Y Russian Language and Culture RAF & Bolshoi Way Program (2011), funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  As a result of her immersion in Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s training during RAF’s programs, Precious was invited to study year-round at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.  RAF is thrilled and honored to see one of our past students featured in the CNN Photos 2014: Year in Pictures. view photo (photo #9/February 1)

Letters From Moscow: San Angelo Ballerina Relays Stories from Bolshoi

San Angelo LIVE!: “Slovar, slovar,” writes Emma Armstrong in a blog post dated Nov. 26. Translated, she describes, the Russian word means “dictionary”, a one-syllable utterance she and her classmates have become all too familiar with in their courses at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia over the past five weeks. read more

One of Your Local High School Students, Safia Speer, Received an NSLI-Y Program Scholarship to Study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow

Mountain Lake Living: The New York-based Russian American Foundation (RAF) is pleased to announce that Safia Speer has successfully completed the prestigious NSLI FOR YOUTH Program – funded by the U.S. Department of State,Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs – to spend six weeks of the summer 2014 studying Russian language, culture and ballet at the world renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. read more 

Summer in Russia Prepares Teen for ‘Nutcracker’ Role

OVER THE MOUNTAIN JOURNAL: Elizabeth Lindsey, 16, a homeschooled student who lives in Mountain Brook, will perform as the Sugar Plum Fairy in next month’s production of “The Nutcracker” by the Birmingham Ballet. And the teen ballerina said it will take all of the lessons she learned at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow to perfect the technically and physically demanding role. read more

RAF Celebrates International Education Week with Scholarship Opportunity

RAFIEWLOGOsmallRAF is excited to announce its support of International Education Week (IEW).  A joint initiative between the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education, IEW is meant to celebrate the worldwide exchange of culture and ideas.

We would like to challenge all BBASI participants, past and present, to create an informative and engaging presentation for their community (academic or ballet) describing the impact exposure to another culture has had on their lives.  As we find IEW’s mission parallel to our own, RAF will be awarding six $250 scholarships to BBASI alumni for outstanding presentations that best exemplify how BBASI experience has help them to become not just a student of ballet, but a student of the world. (more…)

Mountain Lakes girl toes Bolshoi

Daily Record Article: Safia Speer loves to dance, so getting a chance to hone her skills with the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia was a dream come true. “It was something that I really wanted to do so badly because I could study ballet with Russian teachers and the Russian masters of ballet in Russia,” she said. “I could also learn Russian language and the culture of that country. That was just so amazing to me. read more

Local Girl Dances with Bolshoi

The Loop: Through the New York-based Russian American Foundation (RAF) and the NSLI FOR YOUTH Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Olivia spent six weeks at the renowned academy studying Russian language, culture and ballet read more

Society: America’s and Russia’s Youth

“Ежегодно в Россию направляются отобранные на конкурсной основе лучшие американские школьники в возрасте от 15 до 17 лет, желающие изучать русский язык, литературу, познакомиться с жизнью россиян и подружиться с ними. Их пребывание полностью оплачивают спонсоры. На днях из Москвы вернулись 15 подростков. Они пробыли там полтора месяца и за это относительно короткое время научились хорошо общаться на русском языке, приобрели много друзей”, – сказала эксперт read more

Máire New Is First Alaskan to Attend Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow

Classicalite: A year later she attended the Bolshoi Ballet academy’s six-week intensive in New York in partnership with the Russian American Foundation. She returned in 2013 and was also chosen for a scholarship to study Russian culture and ballet at the Bolshoi for another six weeks read more

San Angelo Ballerina Invited to Attend World’s Most Prestigious Ballet School In Moscow

San Angelo LIVE!: With only eight American students among the over 700 enrolled at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, entrance to the historic school is extremely selective, reserved for only the most promising dancers around the world on an invite-only basis read more

An Alaskan Ballet Dancer Hones Her Craft at the Bolshoi

The New York Times: In 2012, [Máire New] attended the Bolshoi Ballet academy six-week intensive in New York, run in partnership with the Russian American Foundation. She returned the following year, when she was also chosen for a scholarship to study Russian culture and ballet abroad at the Bolshoi for another six weeks. (The program is co-sponsored by the foundation and the United States State Department.) “The goal is to break down stereotypes between our countries,” Ms. New said. “But on top of that, we had this incredible opportunity.” Those six weeks served as a kind of audition, and she was asked to return to the academy as a full-time student read more

Young dancer completes NSLI-Y program at Bolshoi Ballet Academy Birmingham teen Elizabeth Lindsey, 16, was able to spend six weeks this summer studying ballet, as well as Russian language and culture at the famed academy in Moscow, part of a program sponsored by the Russian American Foundation read more

Jamesport girl trained with famed Bolshoi Ballet

The Suffolk Times: “The Bolshoi is the biggest company in the world,” Ms. Kiel, a Babylon native, said. “And to have us accepted there was —” “A little bit surreal, I think, right?” Aela’s father, Gene, interjected. “I almost didn’t believe it.” read more

Young Dancers Discuss Ballet Summer Intensive

RiverheadLOCAL: Aela Bailey, 9, lives in Jamesport and attends Aquebogue Elementary School. She spent her summer with the Bolshoi Ballet’s summer intensive program in New York, steps from Lincoln Center at the LaGuardia School of Performing Arts read more

Transcript: Mayor de Blasio Speaks At 12th Annual Russian Heritage Month Opening Reception

NYC Gov: Mayor de Blasio: Dobryi vechir. I hope my practice worked. It is a joy to be with you this evening. I want to thank Marina, for her wonderful contributions, not only to this evening, but to the community, for her dedication as a founding president of the Russian-American Foundation. Let’s thank Marina for all she has done. read more. 

Bolshoi on the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Tourists whipped out their cameras as six students from the Annual Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive visited the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday to photograph some of their dance moves. read more. 

TJC’s Jewish News Week in Review

The Jewish Channel: Presbyterians vote in favor of BDS; Jews across the world campaign to #bringbackourboys, the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers; renowned violinist Phillipe Quint stages a concert for the Russian American Foundation; and a peek at our “Up Close” interview with Rabbi Daniel Sperber, author of “On The Relationship of Mitzvot Between Man and His Neighbor and Man and His Maker.” watch.

Russian American Foundation and Oberlin College

Oberlin College: This spring, the Russian department, with generous funding from OCREECAS and OCLC, held two events designed to counsel students on the wide range of career opportunities available to individuals with knowledge of Russian language and culture….The panelists included Rina Kirshner of the Russian-American Foundation (RAF), a non-profit devoted to promoting bi-lateral dialogue through initiatives in youth educational exchange in the arts and athletics. read more. 

National Arts Club–From Primitivism to Propaganda: Russia’s Modern Masters

НТВ-Америка: В Нью-Йорке в рамках фестиваля русской культуры “Наше наследие” открылась выставка русских художников авангардистов начала 20 века. Выставка продлится до 19 июня в “National Art Club”. Репортаж Юлии Райдлер. НТВ-Америка. 6 июня 2014. watch.