A New Juliet Blooms as a Ballerina

The New York Times:  Indiana Woodward has had two life-changing moments in her relatively young career. One was a summer spent at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow when she was 15. Read More.

For the love of dance, an American ballerina visits Russia

Share America:  Catherine Cata, a 17-year-old ballerina from Stafford, Virginia, recently got the chance to study with the world’s best dancers. Invited to spend six weeks at the Bolshoi Ballet dancing and studying the Russian language, Cata felt some stage fright. Though used to the rigors of ballet training, she wasn’t sure what to expect in Moscow. “I remember thinking before I got on the plane, ‘This is really happening.’ I was anxious but excited,” she says in a blog post about the experience. Read more.

An Unforgettable Summer

NSLI-Y INTERACTIVE: Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Ревека. Мне восемнадцать лет, и я живу во Флориде. (Hello! My name is Rebekah. I am eighteen years old and I live in Florida.) NSLI-Y was a wonderful and life-changing experience for me. I never imagined how much I would see and learn in six weeks. I was elated and honored when I received the scholarship to spend the summer studying Russian language and ballet in Moscow. READ MORE

My Unforgettable NSLI-Y Experience

NSLIY Interactive: It all began at the JFK Airport when our group of thirteen in matching green t-shirts waited anxiously for the plane. I remember thinking before I got on the plane to Russia, “this is really happening.” It was going to be my first time abroad and I was anxious but excited not knowing what Russia held for me. READ MORE.

Local ballerina returns from summer training in Russia

Free Lance-Star: For Catherine Cata, the worlds of ballet and international relations share a deeply entwined relationship. This summer, the 17-year-old ballerina from Stafford County traveled to Moscow in the joint role of ballerina and diplomat to study language, culture and ballet for six weeks at the prestigious Moscow State Academy of Choreography, more commonly known as the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Read more.

Colonial Forge Student Studies Ballet in Moscow

Inside Now –Northern Virginia’s Leading News Source: Catherine Maria Cata, a student at Classical Ballet of Fredericksburg, was awarded a U.S. Department of State NSLI-Y Russian Language and Culture Full Scholarship six-week summer program to Moscow, Russia. The Russian American Foundation scholarship included: travel expenses, full room and board, Russian language instruction and immersion program, ballet training with teachers of Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy and more. read more.

Dance takes Seabeck teen to Russia

Kitsap Sun – Emilie Scott went to New York City in July for three weeks of intensive dance study with instructors from the famed Bolshoi Ballet. Heady stuff, huh? For the Klahowya Secondary School sophomore, though, that was just the beginning. From New York, Scott — the recipient of an NSLI for Youth scholarship administered through the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Russian American Foundation — flew back to Russia with the Bolshoi entourage for six more weeks of dance and language immersion. Read more.

From Russia with love: Aiken dancer spends summer studying ballet with the Bolshoi

Aiken Standard:  Aiken Civic Ballet dancer Sydney Maddox, 17, spent part of last summer and this summer in New York City for a dance intensive with instructors from the Bolshoi Ballet. This year, she took the experience – and her studies – a step further and also trained at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. Read more.

From Russia With Love- With A New York State Of Mind

Once you get past the hustle and bustle, fast pace moving spirit of the city life of being in New York, it will take you no time to call it home. New York City by itself is something special. This beautiful metropolis is home to some 19,378,102 people from various ethnic backgrounds. Read more.. 

Russian Heritage Month Observed

Voices of NY: In mid-July, the Russian American Foundation wraps up its 15th annual Russian Heritage Month celebrations in New York City. Exhibits, performances, readings and other events mark the annual festival, which aims, according to the foundation to show “the legacy and achievements of the First, Second and Third Waves of the Russian-speaking émigrés from former Soviet Republics to the United States. Read more. 

This Foundation Has a Global Vision for the Future

The New York Post: In today’s political climate, coming together as a people, not bound by race, color or gender, is more important than ever. One organization has been striving to bridge the gap between cultures for 20 years, and it’s right here in our own back yard. Over the past 20 years, the Russian American Foundation (RAF) has aimed to connect people of all backgrounds through a variety of shared interests and values. Read more.

Dayla goes to the Bolshoi Dance Academy

The Examiner: A ballet dancer has pirouette her way into a six-week placement that no other Tasmanian has ever been offered. Dayla Bowman, 12, will fly to the US in June to participate in a workshop with the Bolshoi Dance Academy Intensive Program, specifically designed to increase individual progress. read more.

Dancers still Reaping Benefits from Summer Programs

Aiken Standard: Partnering is a skill that Maddox honed during her time with Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive this past July and August. “It was the first really big intensive that I’ve gotten into,” Maddox said. “It really shocked me, and I was really excited.” read more. 

From Puyallup to Moscow: Teen dances her way to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

The News Tribune: Ashley Fox doesn’t look that different from the other ballet students waiting for class at Kirkland’s International Ballet Theatre…But something is about to set her apart from your average American teenager: The 16-year-old junior from Puyallup is leaving Tuesday to study for a year at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (formerly Bolshoi Ballet Academy), one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. Read more.

Ballerina returns home to Rockaway after summer in Russia

The Record: Morris Knolls High School Senior Kaitlyn DalBon, 17, of Rockaway, is one of 13 American high school ballet dancers welcomed home by the New York-based Russian American Foundation. Read more.

A Vermont Ballerina Heads to the Bolshoi

Vermont’s Independent Voice – Seven Days: Each year across the United States, aspiring ballet dancers don their best tights to audition for a spot at the Bolshoi Ballet‘s yearlong trainee program in Moscow, Russia. Of the hundreds of dancers auditioning, perhaps eight are accepted. This year, one of those dancers is from Jericho: 16-year-old Julia Spensley. She was invited to Moscow after completing the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s summer intensive in New York City last month. Read More.

Ballerina leaps into Russian culture

Santa Monica Daily Press:  Mary Polhemus has an interesting story to tell to her peers about what she did this summer.The Santa Monica High School student spent much of it in Moscow through a State Department program that aims to improve relations between the U.S. and Russia while providing youths with intensive ballet training. Polhemus was one of 13 participants in the program, a joint effort of the U.S. government, the New York-based Russian American Foundation and the acclaimed Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Read More.

When It Comes To Business, Relations Between Russia And The U.S. Are Surprisingly Strong

Forbes: Organizations like the Russian American Foundation – created in 1997 to promote cultural exchange – support a raft of valuable initiatives, from Bolshoi Ballet Academy classes in the U.S. this summer, to sports and educational exchanges. Programs like these give me great optimism for an ongoing, healthy relationship between our two nations. Read More.

Ballet Treasures From The Treasure State

The Washington Post: … Julian’s career took flight in 2009 after a six-week program with teachers from the acclaimed Bolshoi Ballet Academy. It was part of a Russian American Foundation effort to bring promising homegrown students to Moscow. Read More.

Organ Recital Concert in New York

Russia Beyond The Headlines: Russian American Foundation is concluding its 14th Annual Russian Heritage Month® with the organ recital concert entitled “Quo Vadis? Камо Грядеши?”. The concert will take place in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, New York on Friday, July 1, at 2:00 PM. Read More.