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Sports have the power to inspire and unify people around common interests and goals, overcoming politics, cultural differences, economic disparities, stereotypes, language gaps and other challenges.  Sports develop leadership, teamwork, tolerance, and communication skills that help young people succeed throughout their lives. BASKETBALL AMBASSADORS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW is a peer-to-peer program which will enable Russian and American youth and coaches to engage with their overseas peers through a common bond of basketball, and to learn about each other’s culture and country, as well as to acquire individual skills in becoming open-minded and successful citizens in today’s global world.

BASKETBALL AMBASSADORS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW is a SportsUnited initiative, administered by the Russian American Foundation (RAF) in collaboration with its partner organizations in Russia. SportsUnited, a division of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), is devoted to sports diplomacy and its power to promote dialogue and cultural understanding between people around the world.

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This is a program of the U.S. Department of State, administered by the Russian American Foundation.


20120427-_W6K3156Annual Battles on Ice

The Annual Battles on Ice® were established in 2011 by the Russian American Foundation in partnership with Hockey Club Legends of USSR as friendship hockey matches between the teams of the New York Fire Department Firefighters and Russia’s EMERCOM Firefighters. The Battles on Ice® serve as an important reminder of the sacrifices all first responders make to safeguard the lives of citizens and to commemorate the unfortunate victims of terrorist acts in New York and Moscow. The location of Battles on Ice® alternates each year between New York City and Moscow, reinforcing a valuable dialogue in the US and Russia’s joint stand against terrorist acts.

“Battles on Ice® celebrate all those who put their lives on the line for others and they demonstrate the solidarity of the American and Russian people against terrorism. We at FDNY are honored for this opportunity to represent not only our city, which is home to the largest Russian-speaking community in the country, but our nation as well”, said Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano of New York Fire Department.

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