An Open Screening of the Documentary “Doctor Sasha”

June 25 (Mon. 8pm-9pm)
The National Arts Club, Grand Gallery,
15 Gramercy Park S, New York, NY 10003.
Free admission

“Doctor Sasha” is a film about Alexander Ioselevich: Soviet officer, military doctor, communist, Jew, prisoner, who survived 9 concentration camps and saved hundreds of lives of other prisoners. The film premiered in Austria and on Israeli television. The gripping documentary was shown on 5 central television channels in Russia and many other regional and cable channels as well. The artistic director of the project is Honored Artist of Russia, Alla Surikova. Author and director: V. Serkez. Producer: A. Potashnikov.

Vibrant Examples of 20th Century Kazakh Visual Art to be Displayed in NYC

Kazinform: An art exhibition of masterpieces by Abylkhan Kasteyev and other prominent Kazakh artists is set to unveil in New York, Kazinform has learnt from the Kazakh Embassy in the U.S. The exhibition, themed “At The Crossroads Of Asia And Europe: 20th Century Masterpieces from the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts in Kazakhstan”, will open doors at the Grand Gallery of the National Arts Club in New York on June 18. Read more… 

Balalaika Wednesdays at Mari Vanna Restaurant

MariVanna Restaurant

MariVanna Restaurant

Balalaika and Blini

June 7, 14, 21 & 28
Wed. 6pm–7pm
Mari Vanna Restaurant
41 East 20th St.
New York, NY 10003
A delicious tasting experience of classical Russian cuisine to the tune of traditional balalaika music in an authentic setting.

Among the dozen 15-year-old girls in lavender leotards in a class at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, one is different

U.S. News & World Report: Among the dozen 15-year-old girls in lavender leotards in Tatyana Galtseva’s class at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, one is different. And it’s not just because of her long, swan-like neck. She is Harper Ortlieb, an American, who left her small town in Oregon to move to Moscow to follow her dream of becoming a prima ballerina. read more.

Basketball ambassadors of today and tomorrow at Barclays center

Russia Beyond the Headlines: The Brooklyn Nets will be hosting the winners of a full scholarship to visit Russia as part of the SportsUnited: Basketball Ambassadors of Today and Tomorrow program, designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange between young basketball players and coaches in the US and Russia.  They will attend tomorrow’s game vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers at Barclays Center arena. read more.

Проект «СпортсЮнайтед:Послы баскетбола»

Баскетбольный Клуб Тамбов:  Запущен проект «СпортсЮнайтед: Послы баскетбола» – это программа культурного и спортивного обмена, созданная при поддержке SportsUnited (СпортсЮнайтед) и реализуемая Русско-Американским фондом. Программа проходит при участии “Школы 2.0”, уникального социального спортивно-образовательного проекта, созданного под патронажем самого известного российского баскетболиста современности Андрея Кириленко, а также при поддержке Ассоциации студенческого баскетбола России. read more.

Проект “Sportsunited. Послы баскетбола” при поддержке Ассоциации студенческого баскетбола открывает набор тренеров для поездки в США

Кэс Баскет: Партнёром программы выступил проект Андрея Кириленко “Школа 2.0”. В рамках этой Программы, реализуемой Русско-Американским фондом, в США отправятся 20 российских баскетбольных тренеров, которые работают на детско-юношеском уровне, в школьном и студенческом баскетболе. read more.

Программа «SportsUnited. Послы баскетбола» открывает набор тренеров для поездки в США

Ассоциация Студенческого Баскетбола: В рамках Программы в США отправятся 20 российских баскетбольных тренеров, которые работают на детско-юношеском уровне, в школьном и студенческом баскетболе. read more.


BBASI Alumna Will Dance With Polish Ballet

The Aspen Times: Aspen native Remy Lamping — who recently completed a three-year professional traineeship with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow — has garnered a one-year position with the Polish National Ballet read more

Young Dancers Discuss Ballet Summer Intensive

RiverheadLOCAL: Aela Bailey, 9, lives in Jamesport and attends Aquebogue Elementary School. She spent her summer with the Bolshoi Ballet’s summer intensive program in New York, steps from Lincoln Center at the LaGuardia School of Performing Arts read more

Lieberman: Israel May Soon Have a Russian-Speaking Prime Minister

Haaretz: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed members of New York’s Russian Jewish community on Sunday, praising Russian-born immigrants who have succeeded in Israeli politics, and wondering aloud if a Russian-speaking prime minister is imminent. read more.

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